Dundonald Primary School 'Together we...Inspire, Believe, Achieve'

Eco Week

We care about our environment at Dundonald Primary & Nursery School and do what we can to look after it. To show that we care, the whole school was involved in a variety of activities throughout the week. The activities are listed below:

Monday - Upcycling Junk Art.

Tuesday - Paper Free Day.

Wednesday - Be Bright, Be Seen.

                    - Daily Mile Challenge.

Thursday - Power Down Day.

Friday - Cash for Clobber.

From recycling junk materials and making them into something wonderful, to collecting clothes for Cash for Clobber we were kept busy. We also decided not to drive to school because that's not good for the environment. Instead of driving, we put on our bright clothing and went on our bike, scooter or some people even walked. Paper free day reminded us of the importance of not wasting paper to protect the beautiful trees. To save electricity we turned off the lights, computers and Interactive Whiteboards when we didn't need them.