Dundonald Primary School 'Together we...Inspire, Believe, Achieve'

Who's Who

Picture 1 Mr GJR Byers - Principal
Picture 2 Mrs KR Stevenson - Vice-Principal
Picture 3 Mrs M Savage - SENCo

Teaching Team                          

Foundation Team  
Primary 1  Primary 2
Mrs K Todd

Mrs J McGonigle / Mrs J Jordan                                 

Mrs L Sunerton / Miss L Armstrong Miss L Moore / Miss R McNeill
Mrs N Ingram Miss J Woods
Miss K Lorimer Miss H Clements 
Key Stage 1 Team                 
Primary 3 Primary 4 
Miss C Dugan Mrs L Beckett (Head of Key Stage 1)
Mrs J Brannigan Mrs G Neilly / Miss N McIntyre
Mrs L McCavery / Miss E Pabito Miss J Clement
Miss L Smyth Mrs S Dodds/ Mrs R Ferguson 
Key Stage 2 Team  
Primary 5  Primary 6
Mrs K Spence Mrs A Scullion 
Mrs S Harris / Mrs L Coulter Mrs A Scott
Mrs Z Ssenyonga / Mrs E McAllister  Mr J McKane
Miss N Bailey Mr M Vincent 
Primary 7    Learning Support Team
Miss F Ellis (Head of Key Stage 2) Mrs M Savage (SENCo)
Miss J Herbison  Mrs W Naismith 
Mr T Bell  
Mr C Knight   
Office Staff Building Supervisor
Ms H Mahood Mrs C Boyce
Mrs D McClean