Dundonald Primary School 'Together we...Inspire, Believe, Achieve'

Inspection Report

Comments from ETI Inspection May 2013:


  • “The quality of the arrangements for the pastoral care provision in the school and nursery unit is very good. The holistic development of each child is central to the ethos and work of the school.”
  • “The school adds significant value to the support for the children with special educational needs.”
  • “The school has comprehensive arrangements in place for safeguarding children.”
  • “almost all of the comments were highly positive and included appreciation of the leadership and energy of the Principal & Vice Principal, the hard work, professionalism and dedication of the teachers, the links between the pastoral and the academic provision and the caring, nurturing ethos of the school.” (Parental Questionnaires)
  • “written comments praised the high level of care the school provides.” (Support Staff Questionnaire)
  • “reported that they feel safe and secure in school. They talked enthusiastically about all aspects of school life and spoke with confidence about the friendly, helpful staff and the consistent approaches by the teachers to make their learning enjoyable.” (Discussions with P6 pupils)
Please find below our most recent inspection report. 

Education and Training Inspectorate NI