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Helpful Parenting Resources

Parents, we care...

For your convenience, we have provided a number of links which we feel might be useful to you. If you have any further questions please feel free to ask one of our members of staff within nursery.


Child Development:

     - Child Development Institute. 

     - Parenting NI.  


Healthy Eating:

     - Children's Food Trust.

     - NHS Eating a Balanced Diet.

     - NHS The Eatwell Guide.



     - Kids Health Services.

     - NHS 10 Ways to get Active with your Children.


The Importance of Sleep:

     - NHS Healthy Sleep Tips for Children. 


Encouraging Positive Behaviour:

     - NSPCC Positive Parenting.


Staying Safe in the Sun:

     - Care in the Sun.

     - NI Direct Sun Safety Guide. 

     - NHS Sun Safety for Children.