Dundonald Primary School 'Together we...Inspire, Believe, Achieve'

Key Stage 1&2

KEY STAGE 1 - Primary 3 and 4

Children throughout this stage will build on and develop the experiences provided at the Foundation Stage. 

The learning environment created is stimulating and challenging.  Pupils are actively involved in organising their learning, 
self-management and working with others. 

In promoting independence pupils are encouraged to persist with tasks, actively listen, sustain their 
attention and access their own resources.  

In this child-centred 
environment, the children feel secure and are willing to ask questions, take risks, share opinions and seek solutions when exploring all aspects of their learning.


KEY STAGE 2 - Primary 5, Primary 6, Primary 7

In Key Stage 2, we continue to develop the young person as an individual.

The children's development is fostered through an 
emphasis on the skills of Communication, Using Mathematics, Using ICT and Thinking Skills and Personal Capabilities.

We aim to develop self-confidence and 
self-esteem and the ability to be a contributing member of a group as lifelong thinkers and learners. 

Positive attitudes to learning are promoted to enable the children to make informed choices and decisions. 

Opportunities are provided for the children to engage in 
exploration, problem-solving and decision-making and to develop a greater depth of knowledge, understanding and skills through a wide range of worthwhile, challenging, relevant and enjoyable activities.