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Family Support Information

Supporting you as a Family


As a school we are able to support you as a family and signpost you to a range of support services.  There are many staff in school that support your child, including the Principal, Vice Principal, the school Senco as well as the Senior Leadership team and wider school staff.



We have a team based approach in school made up of many different adults who all want the best for your child.




Please get in touch with Mrs Sarah Burns (VP) either by contacting the school office or emailing if you have any concerns or require any support.  



Supporting you and your child


As detailed on our mental health and well being page on our school website, we can offer you and your child a wide range of supports in school.


These can include:

-Advice and support strategies from a member of our pastoral team

-Advice from school counsellor

-Family Support Hub Referral

-Contact with external agencies

-Use of EA services (where applicable)

-Onward referrals to external services (dependent on board area and agency requirements)


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