Dundonald Primary School 'Together we...Inspire, Believe, Achieve'

Dundonald Ethos

Our School Motto: 

Together we... Inspire, Believe, Achieve



Mission Statement

“At Dundonald Primary School we aim to create a happy, caring and supportive learning environment for each child. Central to the creation of this environment is a commitment to Christian values, the recognition of the worth and value of each child and the cultivation of self-respect so that the child may accept his appropriate responsibilities and show respect for others. Each child will be encouraged to fulfil intellectual, spiritual, physical, social, aesthetic and emotional potential. High expectations will enable pupils to be self-confident, independent life-long thinkers and learners. This will be accomplished in a technologically advanced environment through the cooperation and commitment of governors, staff, pupils, parents and the community.”


The Pastoral Care of our children is at the heart of everything that happens at Dundonald Primary. Our school is a child centred school with a warm, family atmosphere. It welcomes and celebrates a diverse community where each child feels happy safe and valued with the help of caring and committed staff.



Aims of Dundonald Primary School

Dundonald Primary School promotes high achievement, personal development and learning for life and work.

To achieve this, our aims are:-


  • To create a happy school environment where children learn that courtesy, good manners, consideration of others and Christian virtues are very important qualities, and where pupils, teaching and non-teaching staff and parents can work for the successful achievements of these aims.
  • To encourage children to be confident, independent and responsible learners through the development of the curriculum which is adapted to suit the needs and abilities of all our pupils.
  • To actively engage in learning and develop fundamental skills in numeracy and literacy.
  • To help develop our pupils’ thinking and enquiring minds with the spirit of curiosity.
  • To become highly motivated and life-long learners.
  • To encourage and awaken the curiosity of the world around us.
  • Seek to extend themselves aesthetically, culturally, intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually.
  • To be able to work independently and collaboratively.
  • To advance and gain confidence in their technological skills.
  • To equip our pupils with the knowledge and skills in preparation for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of modern life and the world of work.
  • To have high self-esteem – respecting themselves, others and the environment.
  • To recognise their capabilities and maximise their individual potential in all areas of the curriculum.
  • To develop a healthy lifestyle
  • To work in partnership with parents and the wider community


We believe that the children in Dundonald will succeed through experiencing quality in:


  • A board, balanced and challenging curriculum sensitive to the needs of the individual
  • A secure, respective, caring and stimulating learning environment
  • An enriching programme of extra-curricular activities and visits
  • A rich, varied and up to date range of learning resources
  • Innovative teaching and an investigative approach to learning
  • An ethos of support, encouragement and challenge to succeed
  • Learning partnerships between school, home and the wider community


We demonstrate our commitment to working as a learning community by:


  • Respecting the individual but working collaboratively towards common goals with shared learning outcomes
  • Constantly monitoring and evaluating our progress – becoming a self-evaluating school
  • Striving for continuous improvement in all that we do


The staff, pupils and governors are fully committed to the aims of the school and have a strong sense of loyalty to Dundonald Primary School and Nursery Unit. Parents and staff work in partnership to ensure the children reach their full potential.