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Our School Day

Drop Off & Pick Ups from  September 2022


To reduce congestion and minimise the number of parents and children around the school grounds, we will be operating staggered drop off and pick up times for each year group. As we are a large school  we would ask parents to avoid congregating in the playground and to be mindful of social distancing at all times.


Please note the following times allocated to your child's class for the foreseeable future


    P1 classes will follow details in their induction pack

    P3 finish on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2.50/3.00pm

    P3 finish on Tuesday and Thursday at 1.50/2.00pm



P2 McGonigle

P2 Moore/McNeill

8.45-8.55amP2 door1.50pmPergola

P2 Sunerton/Andrews

P2 Kitson-Woods

8.55-9.05amP2 d oor2.00pmPergola

P3 Dugan

P3 Brannigan

8.45-8.55amP3 inner playground door

1.50pm T&T

2.50pm M,W,F

P3 door on left side of the building

P3 McCavery/Benson

P3 Smyth

8.55-9.05amP3 inner playground door

2.00pm T&T

3.00pm M,W,F

P3 door on left side of the building

P4 Beckett

P4 Clement/Ferguson

8.45-8.55amP4 door


P4 door

P4 Dodds/Ferguson

P4 McIntyre

8.55-9.05amP4 door3.00pmP4 door

P5 Spence

P5 Senyonga/McAllister

8.45 -8.55amP5 door2.50pmP5 door

P5 Harris/Coulter

P5 Emerson

8.55-9.05amP5 door3.00pmP5 door

P6 McKane

P6 Scott

8.45-8.55amP6 door2.50pmP6 door

P6 Scullion

P6 Maxwell

8.55-9.05amP6 door3.00pmP6 door

P7 Ellis

P7 Bell

8.45-8.55amP7 door - rear of school2.50pmPergola

P7 Herbison

P7 Knight

8.55-9.05amP7 door - rear of school3.00pmPergola


Break & Lunchtimes

To reduce contact with other classes we are operating staggered breaks and lunchtimes . For those children taking school dinners, individual classes will sit together. A one-way system will operate in the canteen.


School Dinners

School dinners are available from the school canteen at a price of £2.60 per day.

Dinners for P1 are available from Monday 21 September. Menus will be sent home via Parentmail.



Help and Support for Families

Please note that parents may apply for a uniform grant or free school meals by checking eligibility in the weblink below.


Nut Allergy

We have an increasing number of pupils in the school who have a nut allergy. We would request, therefore, that you do not send any nut-containing products to school.