Dundonald Primary School 'Together we...Inspire, Believe, Achieve'

Meet the Governors

Board of Governors (until June 2024)

EA Representatives

Mr G Ennis   (Chair)

Mrs H  Legge


Parents' Representatives

Mrs J A Osbourne



Mr I A Vincent (Vice Chair)
Mrs P Neill
Mrs H Grahame

Mr I Lowry


Teachers' Representative

Mrs J McGonigle


Honorary Secretary

Mr D Massey


Duties of the Board of Governors

  • Governors are responsible for the use of funds allocated to the school by the Education Authority.

  • Governors are responsible for ensuring that the teachers have the necessary facilities to provide a curriculum which meets the requirements of the Education Order and for producing a policy in relation to the curriculum.

  • Governors are required to ensure that the appropriate arrangements are made for the admission of pupils to the school and for drawing up criteria which will be used for selection in the event that the number of pupils seeking to be enrolled exceeds the number of places available.

  • The complement of staff in the school, both teaching and non-teaching, is controlled by the Governors and arrangements for dealing with issues involving Human Resources within the school also fall within their remit.