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Pastoral Care


“The quality of the arrangements for the pastoral care provision in the school and nursery unit is very good. The holistic development of each child is central to the ethos and work of the school.”

(Education Training Inspector, 2013)



The most important aspect of Pastoral Care is to ensure the safety of all children. All staff and volunteers, prior to working

We believe that effective Pastoral Care must be supported by cooperation and communication between home and school.  It is, therefore, vital that we are informed of any changes in circumstances that may affect your child. If something prevents a child from being happy and contented then school and home must cooperate to achieve this as soon as possible.  It is always good to make contact before a real problem arises. All matters will be handled in complete confidence and children involved will be treated with sensitivity.

The relationship between teacher and child is at the heart of Dundonald Primary School's approach to Pastoral Care. The class teacher guides and counsels each child in their care. Our aim is to ensure that each child is happy, contented and working to their full potential.inschool, will have been subject to Access NI clearance. Staff and Volunteers are fully aware of child protection procedures and are trained in the appropriate procedures and actions to be taken.