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University Links

Institute for Study Abroad


For the past several years Dundonald Primary School has hosted international students from America as part of the International Student Abroad Programme in partnership with Stranmillis University College. This year Dundonald Primary School had the privilege of hosting five international student teachers in our Year 6 classes. One of the students, Gaby Randall, wrote an article reflecting on her time teaching at Dundonald Primary School which you can by following the PDF link.


Visits from USA Ivy League universities Yale and Brown ice hockey teams.

The teacher training students from Virgina University and Providence College, Boston  who were with us for a term, through the Institute of Study Abroad welcomed their fellow countrymen.


QUB 2nd Year Medics come to Dundonald Primary


Over the past five years, Dundonald Primary School has had the privilege of hosting second-year QUB medic students in a learning programme. The QUB medic students shared their expertise with the students, teaching them all about the blood flow of the human heart. 



Food Scientists 


As part of our university links with QUB, we had the opportunity to participate in a food science project with QUB students. Students had the opportunity to go to Queen's University and carry out some experiments. As you can see from the picture below, it proved to be lots of fun! 



Developing STEM at Dundonald Primary School


As part of out P6 topic on materials, QUB chemistry students came to our school to impart their knowledge. Our P6 students then had the opportunity to present at the 'Big Bang' event where they won for their communication.