Dundonald Primary School 'Together we...Inspire, Believe, Achieve'


Personal Development and Mutual Understanding

Our PDMU programme encourages children to become confident, independent and responsible citizens who are able to make informed and responsible decisions.  Dundonald Primary School is recognised as a health promoting school and offers the Heart Start Programme to all  P7 pupils.

At Dundonald Primary we try to encourage good eating habits.  We provide our Foundation pupils with a healthy break and encourage our parents to provide their children with healthy snacks and lunches.  We encourage the children to drink water regularly throughout the day.


Primary Languages
The children from Primary 2 upwards have an opportunity to learn French.  We have language teachers who visit school on a weekly basis from a local Grammar and Secondary School.

Religious Education

The school provides Religious Education in line with the Northern Ireland Core Syllabus which is Christian and non-denominational.  School assemblies reflect the school's Christian Ethos.

Our assembly consists of a collective act of worship and a talk by the principal, a visiting minister or a member of staff.  Our school welcomes all pupils irrespective of belief and parents who wish, may withdraw their child from any aspect of Religious Education or worship.