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Nanny Thompson visits P3MS!


We have been learning about weight!


P3MS enjoying World Book Day 2018!

P3MS loved Maths Week!

Making stories on the Puppet Pals app!


P3MS Valentine Art


Check out our Polar Art!

Our Butter Finger’s Experiment


We wanted to know how animals kept warm in cold lands? Mrs Savage made an experiment to show us how!

First of all four children covered one finger in butter. (It was really messy and fun!) Then the children put the buttery finger into a bowl of icy water, and a finger that didn’t have butter on it in to the other bowl. Children had to tell Mrs Savage which finger felt coldest.


We found out that the finger with butter did not feel as cold as the finger without the butter. Fat helps to keep things warm.

It is the same for animals. Seals, polar bears and penguins have fat called blubber that helps keep them warm in cold temperatures. We had to make our test fair. We only changed one thing! The temperature of the water, the bowl the water was in and fingers stayed the same. Only the butter or no butter changed.


The children did not mind having butter all over their fingers. In fact, some children licked it! This was not part of the experiment!

Polar Lands Activity Based Learning 


Having fun during our Polar Lands activity based learning.  The children are exploring life as an Inuit, designing repeating patterns on winter clothing, making play dough polar animals, creating acrostic poems and moving Beebot with two part commands. 

Making Christmas presents for Mum...Ssh!  Don’t tell her!

International Day in P3MS


Athen’s mummy came to talk to us about life in India. We found out about the food people there eat, the animals that live there and what the weather is like. We asked a LOT of questions and found out lots of facts!

Children in Need Day! 


Playing Pudsey beetle drive game and designing a new bandana for Pudsey. 

We even took a Children in Need selfie!




A visit from W5


P3 enjoyed a visit from W5 as part of our Famous People topic. Matty taught us about life in space. We launched a rocket, exploded marshmallows and met Chuck; the flying chicken who taught us about gravity. 


After lunch, it was time to learn about sound and light. A very flattering lesson Mrs Savage as we found out that children can hear more sounds than she can because she is old!! We put the colours of the rainbow into order, found out about bright clothing that keeps us safe and what sound waves look like using a slinky. It was great fun! 



Mathematics in P3MS 


Check out our mental maths!





Having fun in Primary Three. We've made new friends already!